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Merry Christmas CardChroniclers: 2011 Top Prospect Commits

Well, that's a nice way to cap off a wonderful Christmas (nerd alert: CardsFan922 got a Kindle and is excited).  After the original excitement over 2010 has given way to defections and misses, the 2011 class needs to be a pretty big deal.  And we are well on our way.  Meet Wayne Blackshear, a top-15 or possible top-10 recruit who verballed to the Cards today:



Apparently he and his classmate and teammate Mike Shaw want to play together, so this could be a double pick-up. Overall, a really big deal and another reason to stay excited about Cardinal basketball.  

Now the eyes of Cardinal (and Big Blue) nation turn their a-little-too-obsessive-eyes to a certain junior point guard from Indy, who would be a huge get and addition to both schools' 2011 classes.