Big 10 to expand to 12? Louisville a possible candidate?

It's widely reported that the Big 10 will have a press conference at 3 PM today to make an announcement regarding possible expansion to 12 teams. Louisville is one of six or eight schools being tossed around as possible targets. Others include Notre Dame, Rutgers, Syracuse, Cincinnati, Missouri, Nebraska, and IUPUI (just kidding about that last one).

I think it's pretty easy to guess that the Big Ten will indeed seek a twelfth member, in order to get the bucks involved in a football championship game. The two questions that are not as easily answered are: (1) will they extend an offer to the Cardinals, and (2) would Louisville accept such an offer?

I have always thought that the Big Ten or the SEC would have been a more natural fit geographically for U of L than the Big East. However, we only just joined the latter a couple of years ago, and I'm not sure how I'd feel about jumping to yet another conference. We seem to have been jumping around a lot since the MVC days when I was a kid. there was the Metro, then C-USA, and now the Big East... would we be well advised to make yet another jump?

The Big Ten is certainly a better football conference, and might offer Coach Strong a recruiting advantage over the BE. But the Big East is such a basketball powerhouse, I hate to think about breaking it up.

Would the Big Ten wants us? All I can say is that if I were the Big Ten, I'd want us badly. Under Jurich, we've reached an incredible level of across-the-board success. We're the only team this century to make both men's and women's Final Fours, the CWS, and a BCS bowl. We are strong in several other sports including tennis, golf, women's volleyball, cheerleading and dance team. Our fans travel well and would support any conference tournaments, playoffs, etc., in the major sports.

I need to end this post before 3:00 gets here, or it may all be moot - they could actually announce expansion and name the new school at the presser. In the meantime, what do you think about the possibilities?