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Redman says he was joking about Charlie Strong

From The Bozich:

"I said it in a totally joking manner," he said. "We were talking about golf and the Falcons and then they asked me about the coaching situation. I believe I said 'I think it's going to be Curtis Strong.' I didn't even know that his first name was Charlie.

"I just said that was what I was hearing. My wife (Ashley) read it on the message boards and told me about it.

"Why would I be the one making any announcement about the U of L football program? I'm not the athletic director. Anybody who would believe that strictly because it's something that I said would be an idiot.

"But I apologize if I have stirred anything up."

Well, I guess that's that.

Just one last question, Chris. Were you also joking about THE GRUDEN COMMENTS YOU MADE TO YOUR FRIENDS IN YOUR BASEMENT FIVE WEEKS AGO???