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Kentucky mascot pretends to pee on the Cardinal bird

Oh those Wildcats, always coming up with bold, inventive ways to keep the great state of Kentucky laughing.

From John Clay's twitter:

UK mascot entertained crowd at halftime by pretending to use U of L logo at midcourt as a fire hydrant.

You know, the old, 11-year-old me would probably tell Scratch to go scratch something improper, but the new, almost 2010 me thinks that revenge is such a sill----Attack Card Chronicle cult children, ATTACK....


If you want him back in any less than 60 pieces we will require Steve Johnson's head on a plate and a healthy, good-spirited Rich Brooks to read to us for at least 15 minutes every night. I'd also like Rob Bromley to interview me during a break in the action of one non-conference home game.

Choose wisely.