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Reliving the weekend through the tweets of Fake Steve Kragthorpe

If you're late to the party on the fake "SteveKragthorpe" twitter account then I feel sorry for you, because it was one of the most positive aspects of the past football season. Seriously.

Anyway, as you might expect it was a rough weekend for Steve. Here's how it went:

--Got the last copy of Home Improvement season 1 on DVD at best buy this morning. Gotta good feeling about today's game! Go cards!

--Getting an early start on tape for 2010 cards football!!

--I'm in guys. My gamertag is Radthorpe67 RT @kerryrhodes: @OGOchoCinco yea cuz holla back at me so I can chat it up with ya

--Look, I'm not gonna do what everyone thinks I'm gonna do.

--I'm in a glass case of emotion right now. Thanks for all the sympathy tweets my dudes.

--Just ate a gallon of chubby hubby and I've watched Rudy 3 times. Still don't feel better TBH.

--I think I might grow a beard

--Gonna sell a few things on eBay, thought I'd post em here first. 1 worlds greatest coach mug, gently used. Reply if interested.

--Next Item: 1 unopened copy of Clock Management for Dummies. reply if interested.

Fake Steve Kragthorpe for new head coach.