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Terrence Williams has range

Who says the outside shot is his achilles heel?

And since it's Monday, how about the top ten T-Willisms?

10. On Louisville's midseason winning streak: "I've realized that if we just keep winning games, eventually we'll win the national championship"

9. Explaining how he followed an 0-for-4 first half with an 8-for-16 second half against Massachusetts as a freshman: "Before, I was thinking about the scouting report and how they are a great shot-blocking team, and I was just trying to get the ball up there. But then I was like, 'Terrence,' -- I call myself Terrence; I don't call myself T-Will -- I was like, 'Terrence, you jump too high to be nervous about somebody else.' "

8. On the importance of then-senior David Padgett: "David Padgett is the t-shirt of this team.  You wouldn't go outside without your t-shirt on, and we don't go out on the court without David Padgett."

7. Celebrating the return of Juan Palacios and David Padgett from injuries last season: "You go out into a game in which you know you've got Tello and David playing, your swagger's a lot different. You walk different, you talk different, you talk to a girl different. … You know they're going to back you up. They're going to say, 'Yeah, he's a great guy.' "

6. Explaining why he didn't declare for the NBA draft after his junior season: "There are too many sharks in the water in this year's draft. Next year there's a lot of fish and seaweed. Hopefully, I can be one of those sharks next year."

5. Finding the silver lining in a groin strain: "It's a good thing, because I really like massages and now I'm getting massages all the time."

4. On trying to lead newcomers: "Talking to these freshman is like talking to a pond - just because the water moves doesn't mean it's listening."

3. On breaking out of a shooting slump with a big game from beyond the arc: "No I'm not surprised at how I shot today.  If it's two in the afternoon and it's dark outside, then I'd be surprised."

2. On how much the team feeds off of David Padgett: "How much do people eat off plates? We feed off him a lot because he's our point-center, our point-forward, our point-shooting guard. He's everything because he rebounds the ball, he passes the ball, he leads us. He could lead us out of the closet, lead us to the ocean. He's just our everything."

1. On coach Rick Pitino's powers of persuasion: "He's the type of man where, if a dog couldn't talk -- which a dog can't talk -- he would make a dog think it can talk. That dog would keep barking for a long time thinking it was talking."