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Louisville 10, Syracuse 9

Ten quick thoughts from the masterpiece that was Saturday's victory:

1. That may have been the least exciting BCS conference football game ever played, but it still did feel really good to win. The players deserved it and it was also nice to thrust a knife into the collective heart of a Syracuse fan base that had been rejuvenated a bit by a new head coach. That was for the last two years.

2. Kragthorpe is still so gone.

3. Josh Chichester is really tall and can catch the football. It's unbelievable that it took 21 games to properly utilize these pair of facts.

4. I was surprised that Chris Campa wasn't named a starter at the beginning of the season and am even more surprised now that it's become apparent that he's the BIGGEST BAD ASS IN ALL OF FOOTBALL.


5. It's safe to say Chris Philpott was probably the right choice at place kicker from the beginning.

6. I wasn't there but I heard the wave exhibition put on by Louisville fans was the most impressive one in sports since circa 1988 in the Astrodome.

7. The Big East Network making Trent Guy's negative one-yard punt return the "Play of the Game" was my favorite television move since Don Russell and the gang at Fox-41 made a DeJuan Wheat three-pointer their "Drive of the Game."

8. If we beat South Florida this weekend - which, even with our struggles in Tampa seems at least possible given the way the Bulls have been playing - how friggin' pumped are you going to be for a season finale against Rutgers with a possible trip to Toronto on the line? It's a little hard to get jacked at 7 in the morning (the official kickoff time, I think) but I'm sure Card fans will answer the bell.

9. Darius Ashley has the potential to be very, very good. If we can bring in a coach with any sort of offensive acumen, next year's team could at least be a lot of fun to watch.

10. Eat it, Syracuse. Eat it all.