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Battle For The Bottom: Syracuse Game-Week Links

So, like it or not, there's a game tomorrow.  The short-term implications of this game are clear.  The loser will almost certainly finish last in the Big East this season, and the winner will likely celebrate this game as their only conference win.  I'm actually at the point where I don't want anyone to talk about this game on blogs, TV, sports talk radio, Twitter, and especially College Gameday because it would inevitably be in a way that mocks us.  Mercilessly.  The only safe place is printed newspapers, since no one reads those anymore anyway.  

No idea who is starting at QB or whether Vic will play or not.  Anyone who has any good info feel free to post in the comments below.


Sept. 22, 2007...Worst...Birthday...Ever....I also got a sunburn that day. 

Here are some links to the online versions with predictable storylines:

CJ: Louisville football team can pay back Syracuse

Good article about how the players want to win out and go to a bowl, that's what they are playing for, etc.  I think I speak for everyone when I say I would still love to see that happen, coaching rumors aside.  But the article has a good reminder of What It All Means and What It Has All Been About these last few years: 

Syracuse (3-5, 0-4 Big East) has lost 17 consecutive games against league opponents not named Louisville. The Cardinals (3-5, 0-4) will try to avoid being the first Big East team to lose three straight to the Orange since Rutgers did so from 2000 to '02. Cardinals know just how Orange feels

"Syracuse is a team that’s very, very similar to us," Louisville Steve Kragthorpe said. "They’re very beat up right now, playing a lot of young guys."

Apparently's editors won't even refer to him as "Coach" anymore.  Do they know something we don't?  Maybe I'll direct message @KennyKlein on Twitter and see how many of the 140 characters are spent defending Krag and how many are reserved for calling me an idiot. Anatomy of how 2-2 became 3-6 for Syracuse University football team

A great article, but the short version for those who have to work this afternoon or can't read anything that isn't in list form: Turnovers, allowing big plays, injuries to key guys.   Sounds familiar....

Bozich: Louisville football vs. Syracuse may actually be competitive

For those who care what Rick Bozich thinks.

So if you can read this and are close to the stadium (and posts about Syracuse-Louisville football don't generally make it far enough through the intertubes to get read by computers that far from PJCS), come on out and support the team, keep the dream of a bowl alive for everyone on the team who has never been to or played in a bowl (which would be everyone but the seniors and RS Seniors), and enjoy the weather.

First CardChron reader to confront me or Mike IRL at this game and tell us their CardChron online name gets a 2009 International Bowl Shirt if the Cards end up making it to the International Bowl.