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Forde: Louisville being left out of ESPN's Top 65 a "glitch"

ESPN The Magazine''s college basketball preview issue hit stores this week and caused quite a stir in the Derby City when it was discovered that the publication left the Louisville Cardinals out of its "Top 65" team rankings.

The Cards fiinished last season ranked first in both major polls and begin this season ranked 19th by the Associated Press and 23rd by the coaches.

When asked about the puzzling omission on Twitter, ESPN's Pat Forde responded that he was told it was a "glitch" and that Louisville was "meant to be No. 29."

Quick question: how in the hell does that happen?

You have more resources than anyone in the world of sports, more staff members than anyone in the world of sports and yet apparently it's still quite possible to completely screw up and mistakenly leave one of the biggest programs in college basketball out of your preseason rankings.

In ESPN's defense, it's not like Louisville basketball has been in the news much recently. No major storylines hanging over this team as it heads into the season. 

I guess we'll give you a break, since this is absolutely the first time you've ever screwed up.