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Full Kenny Klein statement


From C.L.'s blog.

The following is Klein's response to the blog:

Fact: There is no press conference scheduled Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday to address the subject matter referenced in this irresponsible blog. When Monday comes and goes without the announcement specified, the readers and listeners of this site will witness the lack of credibility with this blog.

Fact: Not only did the mentioned meeting absolutely not occur, Mr. Jurich and Coach Kragthorpe did not even speak on Monday - not in person, nor via phone. Again, a measure of the misinformation reported.

It's unfortunate that this site and audio program has chosen to spread completely erroneous material. After hearing of this bogus matter, I personally spoke with the author to explain that his information is incorrect. He chose to rely on his "sources," who have certainly led him astray on this. I am posting this comment because my source is straight from the parties involved and any readers should know that the blog above is simply not true. Thank you.

Kenny Klein
Senior Associate Athletic Director
University of Louisville