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There's a game this weekend? Links

Press conference tomorrow announcing resignation....meeting with Jurich on Monday.....Gruden offered $3.5 million deal.....Tuberville still the leading candidate.....Krag blow-up at Trinity/St. X game.....Phil Fulmer pimping himself for the job....Kragthorpe's actually an alien....player mutiny Friday night.....

Southern Miss? We aren't talking about John L. hitting the road. This isn't '99. Get the f--- out of here. Saturday? Like this Saturday? Man, I thought it was like Pitt or somebody.

Let's look at a whole bunch of stuff you care nothing about.

--Spread check: No Line

--News broke earlier this week that Southern Miss QB Austin Davis would miss the rest of the season because of an injured foot. The new Golden Eagle QB is Martevious Young, who hasn't made a start since 2007 when he broke his leg three plays into a game against Rice.

The Golden Eagles will miss Davis, who already owns 15 USM records. But Young, an all-state selection as a senior at Benjamin Russell High in Alexander City, Ala., is no slouch. Fedora even claimed this week that Young "has a stronger arm and more velocity on his ball" than Davis.

"There are a lot of similarities (between Davis and Young)," Fedora said. "That's why we don't have to change what we do. Martevious has done a great job of preparing himself week in and week out."

When he spoke to reporters Monday, Young didn't sound nervous. "I'm a little excited to be out there at practice with the first team again," he said. "I'm not going to do anything really different."

--Brian Bennett focuses on how Louisville would like to stop losing and start winning.

--Steve Kragthorpe says he needs to start getting the ball to his best player a little more. He' not No. 1 for nothing, folks.

--USM's weakness in recent weeks has been its run defense, an unusual characteristic for a Golden Eagle team to own.

"It’s going to be on the defense right now," Law said. "The offense has kind of been down the last couple of weeks. The defense has got to step up and play hard and get the offense in better situations."

Holding UAB to 245 total yards is nothing to hang your head about, but Bradford has been critical of his team about one particular statistic from the defeat – 30 missed tackles.

"Those 30 missed tackles came on 15 plays," Bradford said. "That’s high for us. I would say in most college games there are between 20 and 30 missed tackles.

--Quick question: At this point, what happens if the seasons keeps playing out like this and Kragthorpe stays?

--Ron's taking the Cards....that's really all you need to know.

--Bennett also picks the Cards to win a squeaker.