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Smith, Jennings will not miss game time

Rick Pitino stated today that starters Jerry Smith and Terrence Jennings will be punished but will not miss game time after being arrested and charged with resisting law enforcement in Jeffersonville, Ind. last weekend.

Rival fans will likely scoff at this decision, but I think ultimately it's the right call.

"Anytime you defy a police officer, it's serious," Pitino told "They will be punished and are being punished right now. But no, they will not miss game time."

Pitino also came to the defense of Smith, a senior co-captain who reportedly would not obey the requests of officers to stand back while they attemptd to subdue Jennings.

"I think Jerry saw a teammate on the ground and didn't want to abandon him," Pitino said. "I think he saw a teammate taking some pretty good blows and tried to help."

It was announced earlier this week that the two were going to face additional charges of battery and disorderly conduct, but after reviewing the police report, Clark County attorney Steve Stewart settled on the single count of resisting law enforcement.

It's now time to keep the night-life enjoyment to a minimum, gentlemen.