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Smith, Jennings face added charges; Jennings issues apology

The good.

In a statement distributed Tuesday by his attorney, Scott Roby, Jennings said, "I want to first apologize to the police and to the organizers of the event."

Jennings said he was "provoked by another person that I was unfamiliar with." He did not identify the person or provide details of the provocation.

The police report said Jennings fought with officers who came to break up the resulting disturbance.

Jennings said in his statement that "at first I did not know the individuals who approached me were off-duty police officers working security."

The bad.

Police have added charges against two University of Louisville basketball players arrested following a fight at a southern Indiana restaurant.

Louisville senior guard Jerry Smith and sophomore forward Terrence Jennings were arrested early Sunday morning and charged with resisting arrest when off-duty police tried to break up a fight at an alumni homecoming party.

Jeffersonville Police Detective Todd Hollis says charges of battery and disorderly conduct against the two players were added on Sunday evening by the arresting officer.

The ugly.


Could've picked a better time, fellas.