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What to watch: 1/6/09

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Ohio State at Michigan State (7 p.m./ESPN2)

If tOSU can disappoint The Izzone then the Big Ten will be left with a lone league unbeaten (Wisconsin) after just ten days of conference play.

Connecticut at West Virginia (7 p.m./ESPNU)

Every night is must see TV.

Georgia at Georgia Tech (7 p.m./FS South/ESPN FullCourt)

You just know that somehow Reggie Ball is going to blow this for Tech.

Longwood at Florida (7 p.m./Sun Sports/ESPN FullCourt)

The second favorite team of myself and thousands of other nine-year-olds looks to pull a shocker in Gainesville. The complete focus of Gator Nation will undoubtedly be on the hardwood tonight.

Vilanova at Seton Hall (8 p.m./SNY/MASN)

My second favorite head coach in the country vs. one of the few people in the world who could make me question my fanhood if hired by Tom Jurich. Go 'Cats.

Texas at Arkansas (9 p.m./ESPN2)

All of the sudden, this is sort of a marquee game.

Purdue at Penn State (9 p.m./Big Ten Network)

Tell me a Crispin is playing and you've got my attention.

Alabama at Clemson (9 p.m./FS South/ESPN FullCourt)

Jon Wilner will not be watching.