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What to read while Terrence Williams dunks on someone you know and love

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I didn't even make an effort to keep this one non-sport related.

There might be a few people attending Sunday's game inside the Carrier Dome.

On Wednesday, Ocean Lakes (Va) High School cornerback Shamarko Thomas switched his commitment from Louisville to Syracuse. Thomas re-opened his recruitment following the coaching defections of Ron English and Eric Lewis.

The whole Louisville/West Virginia thing looked like it was poised to be the next big rivalry in the Big East, but I've about had it with Syracuse. When they're not beating us and ruining our season, they're injuring our star quarterback, and when they're not injuring our star quarterback, they're keeping the game embarrassingly close, and now when we're not even close to playing actual games, they're stealing our recruits.

Laugh now, but just wait until Steve Kragthorpe makes up overly flattering things to say about your team and program in nine months. Then we'll both be laughing.

In far more positive news from the gridiron world, Eric Wood has spent part of this week chronicling (TM) his experience at the Senior Bowl on You can find his first diary entry here, and his second one here.

Manliest diary of all-time? Top five.

Future U of L center Jeremy Tyler will make his national television debut tonight when his San Diego High School team takes on Renardo Sidney and Fairfax (Calif.) at 9:30 p.m. on ESPN2.

Tyler, who is averaging 30 points and 15 rebounds for the struggling Cavers, was the focus of a Jody Demling piece earlier this week.

U of L makes an enormous jump in Luke Winn's power rankings, vaulting from unranked to No. 7.

In response to a Jeff Goodman post blasting the SEC, Thomas Beisner of Kentucky Sports Radio has stated his belief that the Cats would take care of Syracuse, Notre Dame and Villanova, and would be "50/50" to beat Pittsburgh, Georgetown and Marquette. I humbly beg to differ.

A solid write-up from the Indianapolis Star on the Lawrence North basketball team, which has fittingly but uncreatively (word) been dubbed "Louisville North."

A very good "couch column" from Eric Crawford on the Louisville/Rutgers game. On a side note, I love the increase in activity on the C-J blogs, but I can't stand the video of Crawford and Rick Bozich talking about their weekly live chat which starts up automatically. It startles and angers me every time. And when I'm startled and angry at the same time, well, it's quite disturbing...and just a little erotic.

In a story that's bound to garner an extreme amount of national attention, PRP head football coach David Jason Stinson was indicted Thursday on one count of reckless homicide in the August death of player Max Gilpin.

In case you were wondering, the odds of this getting unbearably nasty are 100%.

The Blue-Gray Sky, a Notre Dame football blog, reacts to the addition of Tony Alford.

And finally, you want a Preston Knowles Obamicon? I got your Preston Knowles Obamicon.


And I think T-Will's earned one.


Thanks to Nunes and Black Heart Gold Pants for the link.