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Nothing else matters until after Sunday

I don't think I have to tell you that things suck right now.

It sucks that a team which was justifiably ranked third in the country to start the season is now about to fall out of the top 25 before having played its first conference game. It sucks that we're losing to inferior squads in December for what feels like the 15th straight year. It sucks that there never appears to be a leader when this team takes the floor. It sucks that Terrence Williams still thinks he can win games with his jump shot. It sucks that Earl Clark still feels like he can take 8-10 minutes off every game and think he can get away with it. It sucks that Edgar Sosa still doesn't appear anywhere close to getting it. It sucks that we're getting nothing out of Jerry Smith. It sucks that Samardo Samuels remains convinced that he's 6-foot-4. And it really sucks that all of this is taking place in a year where the Big East is going to be less merciful than it's ever been before.

But the time to debate and discuss all of this is not upon us. When Kentucky is the next name on the schedule, there's nothing else worth worrying about.

Fly the Card flags, bring the noise at work,  wear red everywhere.

Go Louisville, beat Kentucky.