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Earl Clark: prince of the Interwebs

When Earl Clark started his drive to the bucket against Luke Harangody late in the first half of Louisville's eventual victory over Notre Dame, him dunking the ball seemed to be about the 17th or 18th most likely finale to the sequence. When the play ended, I think we all immediately realized that we'd just seen something pretty special.

Well, almost all of us.

The lady friend I took in the game with was ultra-focused on an undoubtedly earth-shattering phone call with another lady friend and remarked: "(Mike Rutherford, proprietor of just turned around to get my reaction to something, so I guess something big must have just happened."

Something big, indeed. Since Monday night, Clark's dunk has been covered extensively by print an online media alike. It was immediately lauded by the announcing trio of McDonough, Bilas and Raftery, anointed as the top play of the night by Monday evening's SportsCenter, and featured on the front page of Yahoo! Sports nearly all day Tuesday.

In less than two days, the video of Clark dunking on Harangody has been viewed 242,592 times on, making it currently the site's seventh most popular video. Not the seventh most popular sports video, the seventh most popular video in the world.

What up, Miley Cyrus? You just got virtually crammed on.