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Basketball update from Rick Pitino

The world's highest paid blogger is back at, and hits us with an update on the condition of the team.

Here are some highlights:


T-Will- Always in great shape. Showing great leadership. He should have a special senior season.

Andre McGee- He has worked on his body and is now down to 6% body fat. Lighting quick and also showing a special desire to lead.


Jerry Smith- Ready and poised for a strong season. Needs to drop 6-8 pounds. That will be easy after our first week of practice. Starting to show signs of leadership qualities.

Edgar Sosa- The sophomore jinx is over. Poised for a special season. He has matured into a team first player. Like everything I see.


Preston Knowles-No jinx with this young man. Tough and hard working. Fun to coach


Samardo Samuels- Love him. Enough said!

Jared Swopshire-  Skilled offensive player. Must get stronger and put on about 15 pounds. Hard worker with a tremendous attitude to learn.

Terrence Jennings- Terrific athlete. Must learn to relax and slow down offensively. We will spend a lot of time on his footwork and low post game. Has the potential to develop into an outstanding player but it will take time.

Samardo Samuels being able to elicit an exclamation point from Rick Pitino elicits extremely awkward happy dancing from me.