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What to read while signaling for a fair catch on a dive play

I'll give you a game ball.

 Apparently this Eric Crawford column didn't run in today's Courier because of "typographical concerns." It'd be a lot cooler if it did.

After all, the perpetrator player who performed the fake fair catch in last season's UConn victory over Louisville, Larry Taylor, has long since moved on to carnival midway work with his life. And we should all do the same.

Why, everyone I know who follows the Cards has practically lived for revenge forgotten about the play in which Taylor flashed his right hand above his head, then caught the ball and took off running for a tainted controversial touchdown. Nor can anyone here forget remember Taylor laughing about it like Reggie Bush when he looks at his Heisman Trophy on the sidelines.

Everyone except for UConn coach Randy Edsall agrees that for a player to pretend to signal for a fair catch, then take off running for a touchdown is like running up the white flag and then opening fire questionable ethically, at best.

That Taylor, it turns out, had been querying an uncle official about the fair catch rule before he did it not only showed that the play was a premeditated fraud more than just a misunderstanding, it also called into question the eyesight judgment of the UConn Club member Big East officiating crew that allowed the resulting touchdown to stand.

 Terrific news out of Sacramento, where Francisco Garcia has reportedly inked a five-year deal with the Kings for just under $30 million.

That's one hell of a success story.  

 Tom Heiser has a great interview with UConn beat writer Desmond Conner up on his blog.

7. UConn emerged in a big way on the college football scene in 2007. With the new stadium and what looks like continued success for the foreseeable future, do you feel the UConn fan base will embrace football with the same vigor that infuses men's and women's basketball?

You know, I don't really know. Now, the answer is no and it's a shame in my view. I feel so bad for the players who work their tails off to show the fans what they've done all week and they want their support win or lose but when they're getting to their seats after the game has started and leaves before it ends; that's just not done at big time programs. And I'm sick to my stomach with some of the excuses for why they do what they do.

The whole thing is really worth checking out.

 The hottest thing in the sports blogosphere (I don't have any friends) right now is the following video of Morgan State wide receiver Edwin Baptiste making what has to be one of the 72 best plays of the year.

  And finally, Rick Pitino will be signing copies of his new book Rebound Rules Wednesday night at 7 p.m. inside Carmichael's Bookstore on Frankfort Ave.

Coincidentally, I'll be signing copies of my latest novel, Herman the Magician's South Dakota Adventure, Sunday afternoon at a yardsale in the Highlands. Drive around, look for the crowd.