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What to read while realizing you never liked Grey's Anatomy

Stop lying to yourself.

 Joe Perez of the Norwich Bulletin also takes a crack at Steve Kragthorpe's Tim Tebow/Tyler Lorenzen comparison.

UConn quarterback Tyler Lorenzen has been called many things in his year-plus with the Huskies.

Whether its a description of his less-than-eye-catching numbers, his usual steady play or his head-first dives that make his coaches and teammates wince, Lorenzen has heard it all. He takes it all with a grain of salt, too.

But upon hearing Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe called the senior the “Tim Tebow of the Big East,” Lorenzen downplayed the comparison.

“That’s kind of funny,” he said with a grin. “I think Tebow has some size on me, though.”

 Some much-needed good news from the crazy, creepy world of football recruiting as Norfolk (VA) linebacker Mike Privott - currently Louisville's highest rated commitment in the class of 2009 - has told that his commitment is firm (subscription) and that he plans on signing a letter of intent in the fall. Privott had previously stated that he was re-opening his recruitment and that his commitment to U of L was "soft."

 Doug Beaumont: still cooler than Freddie Jackson sippin' a milkshake.

Beaumont, a former Mr. Kentucky Football, is already developing into a star.

"He always seems to be open," Cantwell said. "He plays so much bigger than what he is."

Beaumont said he isn't afraid to go over the middle and take on a linebacker who might weigh 50 pounds more.

"I know I'm going to take shots," he said. "But in the end, I'll get a first down or do whatever I need to do get those extra couple of yards."

Sounds a lot like what Harry Douglas used to do.

 What's the deal with New England football coaches and their affinity for hideous hooded sweatshirts?

 The 2009-2010 Big East basketball season got exponentially less cool on Monday when the NCAA announced that the insufferable Eric Devendorf had been granted another year of eligibility.

 And lastly, the Connecticut Post examines how well the UConn offensive line has performed over the first month of the season.