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I'm not dead

The storm, the loss of power, the loss of phones, the laptop crash; it was all part of the plan.

My goal last week was for all of you to have a reverse It's a Wonderful Life experience. Instead of something as played out as realizing how important you are to the world around you, I figured i was time for you to see how dull and miserable your lives are when a team-specific college sports blog that you check only when boredom reaches its peak is taken away. I also wanted you to punch a cop named Ernie.

In reality, there couldn't have been a much worse week for this to happen. A huge sporting event in Louisville, a new basketball commitment, and the most positive vibrations the football program has felt in about a year. I was also planning on calling out Jerry Abramson for the purple lights on the Second Street Bridge. It was going to be a slightly below average post.

So a thousand and one apologies for my absence as well as the tinkering with your livelihood. As an act of atonement, here's some Monday irrelevance.