UofL/Minn Again

I know I posted something similar before, but I didn't get much of a response since it was June and we are getting to the point where I would need to do something.

I live in AZ and I can't wait for the Cards to visit the Valley of the Sun. I know its cold with a slight chance of colder in Kentucky in December and I hope a lot of people are planning on coming out to Phoenix for the big game - Pitino vs Tubby.

I would love to set-up a "Cards bar" here in AZ for the game if any of you are interested. I do need a bit of a headstart on things to do so and because of that I apologize for leap-frogging football season a bit.

For those reasons, I would like to know who is planning/thinking of coming out for the game and where in Phoenix the group plans on staying?

If you are one of the other numerous Cards bloggers out there, then please direct your readers over to this post and give a response.

I want to turn Phoenix into a Cards hotbed for that weekend, so please let me know.


Evan - M.S. 2004