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What to read while wildebeest try to overcome their sullied television reputation

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Every nature documentary ever made has had at least five minutes devoted to wildebeest getting absolutely destroyed. Just once I'd like to see a group of wildebeest team up and take out a rhino or something. Mix it up a little.

  The Green Bay Packers held a public scrimmage Sunday night, and neither Aaron Rodgers or Brian Brohm were at their best.

Rookie Brian Brohm played 21 snaps with the No. 2 offense, generally working against the No. 1 defense. The other rookie, Matt Flynn, had 18 snaps against lower-echelon defenders.

Brohm took over for Rodgers after the opening sequence and missed his first three passes, giving the offense 10 straight incompletions. He rebounded somewhat, finishing 6 for 15 for 61 yards. Flynn went 6 for 11 for 49 yards.

"I thought Brian had some tough situations against the first defense," McCarthy said. "Brian and Matt both need to play faster."

Of Brohm's nine incompletions, two were batted, one was dropped, one was thrown away, one was low and others just missed the mark. Four of his completions went for first downs, including gains of 13 yards to Ruvell Martin and 12 to Tory Humphrey.

Pretty sure this is the biggest story floating around Wisconsin right now.

  Hoops blog Rush the Court has an excellent post breaking down all the NBA Draft picks by school since 1948. U of L is very well represented in the data despite having just two players drafted in the last ten years.

  Cards Hoops caps its countdown of the 75 best players in the Big East by naming reigning POY Luke Harangody as the league's top dog. Terrence Williams and Earl Clark both landed in the top ten at Nos. ten and five, respectively.

  UK released its basketball schedule over the weekend, and while games against North Carolina, Louisville and Miami will all draw a high level of national attention, noticeably absent from the non-con slate are the usual RPI-friendly tilts against teams like UAB, Santa Clara or Murray State.

Gardner-Webb joke.

  Truzenzuzex, of A Sea of Blue fame, lays out the top five games he'd love to see Kentucky win this season, a list topped by a victory over Louisville on the road.

1. Louisville -- This was very close between three teams for many reasons, but defeating Louisville in Papa Johns would set the table for the rest of the season in a very positive way.  Plus, it would immunize us against too much Cardinal crap should we lose the basketball game in Freedom Hall this year.

On a related note, I think it's so annoying (omg!) when fans on either side of this rivalry try to take a shot at the other by claiming that the U of L/UK game "doesn't really matter as much as other games on the schedule." Kentucky fans used to always do this in football - although they never fared much better in the "more important" SEC games - and now I'm hearing more and more Louisville fans make similar statements during basketball season.

Priorities evolve once games actually start being played, but there isn't a Louisville or Kentucky fan out there who picks up the basketball schedule when its released and immediately scans it for the date of the Arkansas or Syracuse game. There's not a sane person involved in any rivalry who wouldn't sacrifice a regular season loss for a national championship, but any Card or Cat fan who stares at a football schedule in August or a basketball schedule in October and tries to act like they don't want that one game at least a tad bit more than all others isn't fooling anyone.

  Jody Demling has moving pictures of Rick Pitino's latest commit, Josh Langford, which you can check out right chere.

  And lastly, Mick Cronin made a big-time play over the weekend, reportedly receiving a verbal commitment from highly-touted Sudanese big man John Riek. I'm telling you, U of L/UC is going to be a big-time rivalry again faster than any of us would have guessed two years ago.

Monday it up, people.