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Cards conduct final scrimmage

A couple of highlights from yesterday's afternoon scrimmage courtesy of U of L:

  • The defense apparently put forth a better performance than they did in last week's scrimmage, and turned the offense over three times.
  • Freshman linebacker Dexter Heyman and senior safety Bobby Buchanan recorded interceptions.
  • Doug Beaumont had a short touchdown reception, and JuCo transfer Maurice Clark made a nice catch on a long pass for another score.
  • Johnny Patrick made a nice play to keep Troy Pascley from hauling in another long touchdown pass.

Krag quotes:

On filling in for injured receiver Scott Long: "I'm not worried we've got a good group. We're not by any means a veteran group, but they're focused and determined to prove to people that they can play. I think they're really excited about being able to compete 12 days from now against a real good secondary in UK."

On receiver Doug Beaumont: "He's a very good player, very versatile player for us who can play any of the four wide receiver positions. He's a great special teams player (who) did a lot of things for us last year in that role. Now his role has expanded a little bit because he's going to be a counted on guy on the offensive side of the ball and I think he's ready to step up and be counted."

On the scrimmage: "The defense did some good things today, they stepped up and got a few turnovers, which was good to see. Looking at the offensive side of the ball, there are a few things we have to do to make sure we're taking care of the football."

Not quite as detailed as the Anatomy Coloring Book I had in preschool (thank god), but it's something.