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Murky details emerge from Thursday scrimmage

It's been a pretty unbelievably slow week around these parts, a pace which becomes downright Beau Zachian when juxtaposed with the excitement that last week's open practices wrought.

Things finally picked up a bit last night as the Cards held their first scrimmage of the new season. Sure, it was a closed scrimmage and very little is known about what actually took place, but exercising your imagination is good for the soul...or the pancreas, one of those two.

Thanks in part to freshly crowned U of L beat writer C.L. Brown's snippet in this morning's C-J, here's what we do know about what went down last night:

  • The scrimmage was approached like a real game, and over 80 plays were run
  • In an apparent attempt to acclimate the newcomers with the forthcoming inconceivable frustration by way of inexcusable ignorance, Big East officials were hired to work the scrimmage.
  • Just like the Spring Game, the No. 1 offense took on the No. 1 defense, and the No. 2 offense matched up with the No. 2 defense.
  • Hunter Cantwell tossed four touchdown passes, three of which were hauled in by Scott Long.
  • Woodny Turenne was a standout on defense.
  • Nobody lined up in the wrong place or committed a pre-snap penalty (the late October 2007 Louisville football team is impressed).
  • Bilal Powell did something awesome (I don't need a source to report it as a fact).

And that's about all we've got.

I've been extremely reluctant to fully engage in the generic preseason, "do you think Scott Long is gonna be good? I think Scott Long is gonna be good" chatter, but I am excited about things picking up significantly as we break the two-weeks 'til toe meets leather barrier.

The offseason seas have been especially choppy for the last seven or eight months, but the shore is finally in sight. What will we find when we get there? Could be some crazy flesh-hungry creatures, could be a bounty of gorgeous island women who have somehow managed to stay remarkably hygienic, it's really anybody's guess at this point.

But if we get close and see something big and creepy hanging from a tree, I'm pretty sure I saw an island where T-Will was cramming on Eric Devendorf a ways back. Just sayin'. Looked like it could be a good time.