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What to read while retarding puberty in order to fail miserably on national television

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If I ever have a daughter, I won't worry about her staying out too late or dating the wrong guy, but if she shows the slightest bit of interest in gymnastics it will shatter my heart and make me cry.

AAU basketball thinks that stuff is creepy.

  JaJuan Spillman took part in his first intra-squad scrimmage as a Tennessee State Tiger, and it's safe to say that he didn't disappoint.

Now he’s trying to make another go of his college football career as a Tiger. His first impression didn’t disappoint. As soon as the TSU intra-squad game kicked off Saturday, Spillman stole the show.

He returned the opening kickoff nearly 90 yards for a touchdown and scored three more times on long plays before the scrimmage was over.


Webster said he doesn’t have any special safeguards in place to keep Spillman in step.

"I treat him just like everybody else on this team,’’ Webster said. "My expectations of him are just like everybody else. I don’t treat him any different. I don’t sit on him any more. I don’t give him any extra privileges.

"He’s around good people, good players, good coaches, a good administration and he’s just got to be like everybody else, that’s all."

Best of luck to him.

  The folks at Cardinal Empire lay out the 11 biggest questions hanging over the '08 Louisville football season.

The 872nd biggest question: Where would you hide if Papa John's Cardinal Stadium were attacked by an alien species during a home game? I say inside one of those mini Papa John's concession stands on the concourse, because lord knows the bathroom is the first place a being of higher intelligence is checking. The smell factor also comes into play. There's no way I'm not goin' out inside those bathrooms.

  Michael Bush's performance in Oakland's preseason win over San Francisco last Saturday has garnered some positive buzz from the local media, although the accompanying images sometimes tell a completely different story.

Credit: J.L. Sousa, Napa Valley Register

That ball does not appear to be heading into Mike's arms, a fact Mike's eyes appear to be brutally unaware of.

While the aforelinked article is overwhelmingly positive, there is a video about halfway down in which Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin discusses Bush's inconsistent practice habits. Could be worth checking out if you have a minute to spare, then again, it could not. These are the types of decisions that make or break days.

  So what do you do if you're a Syracuse basketball player who was suspended in January for buying $115 worth of grub on an ID card that wasn't yours and now find yourself accused of sexual assault? Apparently you big league the hearing for said sexual assault case.

Whatever happens Scoop, they'll never be able to take away the fact that your name is cooler than theirs. Ditto, Prince Octopus Dzanie.

  The Washington Times (stock available) ranks Louisville 48th in its preseason countdown, sandwiched in between the sexy duo of Arkansas and Notre Dame.

Anyone else read recently that our defense wasn't great last year? Did we lose our starting quarterback or something? God, the offseason sucks. Seventeen days.

  Cards Hoops has a solid interview up with Jason Kerr, Peyton Siva's coach at Franklin High School in Seattle.

JASON KERR: Spotlight and Pressure? That has been Peyton’s life story. The light gets brighter and the pressure gets bigger but that just means that Peyton gets better and steps up to the challenge. I have watched it happen each year for the last 4 years. Peyton is a strong and confident young man. I have watched him make at least 15 buzzer beater shots for the victory in the last several years. There is no such thing as pressure to Peyton. That is simply entertainment to him. The spotlight to Peyton simply means that he has a greater responsibility. He has understood this from a very young age. The spotlight will have no ill effects on Peyton. He will widen the light at all times to incorporate his teammates and he will never do anything to embarrass his family, his team or his school.

So excited to see him in red, white and black.

  Speaking of Siva, he spent this week at the Adidas Nations Experience in Dallas where he cut an interview with High School Hoop, and caught the eye of Atlanta Hawks star Josh Smith.

Any players you've been struck by and why?

JS: Peyton Siva, a point guard on the 2009 team going to Louisville. Also, Brandon Knight, a point guard on the 2010 team. Peyton's impressive to me because he's so athletic. He's had a couple tip-ins, and you don't expect to see that from someone that short. He's also passing the ball well, recognizing the defense, and giving guys open looks at baskets. Just like Brandon is.

Josh Smith praising your athleticism is sort of like Michael Jackson complimenting your dancing.

I hope you weren't expecting a lame pedophilia joke, because you'll never hear (read) me take it there. The man made Thriller...Thriller.

You can't moonwalk.

  Rule: any piece that mentions the '02 Louisville/Florida State game, will be linked here.

  And finally, your 2008 Battle for the Governor's Cup announcers are: Rod Gilmore and Joe Tessitore. Haven't heard much from Tessitore since The Contender (underrated), but he can't be worse than any of the ESPNU guys we had last year...or Rod Gilmore.

Thursday it up chall.