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Trent Guy thoughts and updates

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday. Spent a lot of time reading about whales and thinking about the age I'm going to stop caring and get really fat. I'm leaning towards 24. Make a play quickly, ladies.

For those terrorists who weren't celebrating Louisville Football Doesn't Exist Day, Monday was filled with stories and updates on Trent Guy, who is apparently walking around and in good spirits.

Shot in the back after an argument in a local Louisville, Ky. nightclub Saturday morning, Louisville wide receiver Trent Guy underwent surgery early Saturday that likely saved his life. On Monday, Louisville coach Steve Kragthorpe sent a note to local media updating Guy's medical progress.

"I'm happy to report that Trent is recovering well from his injury suffered on Saturday morning," Kragthorpe said. "My family and I have personally had the opportunity to visit with Trent, and am happy to report he is up and walking around. Because of Trent's popularity on this team and in the community, a number of people have also visited him. Trent is in good spirits and is appreciative of the support he has received."

Much of the local media spent the day debunking the growing trend of lumping Guy into the same category as JaJuan Spillman, Rod Council and friends. Eric Crawford started things off with his morning column, and WAVE 3 followed suit by producing the following piece for its 6 o'clock broadcast (Ed. note: the video is slowing down the site and plays automatically, two things which are both super annoying, so here's an old-fashioned link instead).


The other big story to come out of all this is that Kragthorpe has now banned all members of the team from attending bars or nightclubs, and instituted a mandatory midnight curfew. I think this is definitely the right move, so long as it's only temporary. I fear we're at a point where one more piece of negative news will take things to a place I don't even want to try and imagine, but if this new law were to stay in place for more than a month or so, I worry that it would begin to do more harm than good. Also, if I'm a 17-year-old kid looking at where I want to play football and spend the next four years of my life, a program  forcing me to be holed up in my place of residence by midnight seven days a week is going to come off as less appealing than, say, anywhere else.

Finally, one positive to come out of the whole Guy situation is that it partially inspired this post by Spencer Hall/Orson Swindle, who says a lot of things I believe in a far more concise and eloquent fashion than I ever could.