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What to read while absolute Olympic failure looms

I don't care how much coin you made, it wasn't worth it, IOC.

Chris Dominguez has continued his assault on the Cape Cod League over the last couple of weeks, and has been named the starting Western Division third baseman in the league's All-Star Game. Dominguez leads the Cape League in home runs with eight, and ranks fourth in RBI with 22.

New Louisville basketball blog Cards Hoops is passing the summer days by counting down the 75 best players in the Big East. So far, we've seen Terrence Jennings at No. 69 (sixxxty-niiine), and the point guard duo of Edgar Sosa and Andre McGee at No. 56 and No. 52, respectively.

A Sea of Blue is also getting into the spirit of individual basketball lists, counting down the top 20 Kentucky players of the last 30 years. Kenny "Sky" Walker tops the list, followed by Jamal Mashburn, Kyle Macy, Tony Delk and Tayshaun Prince.

  The recent Brett Favre frenzy has also meant additional preseason pub for Brian Brohm, with more and more people suggesting that if the Packers front office is going to welcome Brett back, it should trade Aaron Rodgers and begin grooming Brohm for the day Favre does actually decide to hang it up (March 30, 2033). Of course, Brian still has to shed a few pounds before Mike McCarthy lets him do anything.

Yes, Brohm dresses like Michael Cera in Juno

  Infamous lobster tail/marijuana consumer Willie Williams has landed at Glenville State, a Division II school in West Virginia which is located in a town of about 1,500 people. 

He used the word "focused'' four times in describing his ambitions and rural surroundings in a recent telephone interview with The Associated Press.

"It's kind of new to me,'' he said. "I'm used to the University of Miami and Louisville - the big things. But sometimes good things come in small packages. Everybody supports everybody around here to get things accomplished. That's the nice thing about it.''


Williams said there were no promises exchanged with Fiddler like those made - and later broken - with Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich.

"It was just like 'Willie, you know what you've got to do,''' Williams said. "I realize the mistakes I've made in the past. All I can do is change and grow from it. Coach talked to me like I was a grown man. I interpret that better than a promise or something because he came to me like it was man to man.''

And because there's nothing to break.

I'll give him one thing, he's certainly got the "fresh start, focused, goals, admit mistakes, clean slate" preseason spiel down pat.

All the best, Willie.

  And finally, Card Game's Charles Springer was one of the many who made it downtown early Saturday morning to watch the implosion of the old Humana building, a move that to many represents the commencement of the new arena construction. Springer shot the following video of the implosion, which went off without a hitch: