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Friday depth chartin': Offense

Taken from the new football media guide


14 Hunter Cantwell SR
17 Tyler Wolfe SO
2 Matt Simms FR

Running Back

32 Brock Bolen SR
33 Bilal Powell SO
20 Victor Anderson FR


48 Joe Tronzo JR
32 Brock Bolen SR

Wide Receiver

84 Scott Long JR
21 Troy Pascley SO
11 Josh Chichester FR
4 Maurice Clark JR

Wide Receiver

27 Doug Beaumont SO
3 Trent Guy JR
9 Chris Vaughn SR

Tight End

82 Pete Nochta SO
46 Johnnie Burns SR
80 Michael Fennerty FR

Left Tackle

68 George Bussey SR
55 Greg Tomczyk SO

Left Guard

79 Mark Wetterer SO
65 Josh Byrom SO


77 Eric Wood SR
62 Nick Borgelt SR

Right Guard

71 Abdul Kuyateh JR
72 Brian Roche JR

Right Tackle

74 Jeff Adams SO
51 Ryan Kessling FR
78 Byron Stingily JR


--Things are a bit more clear on this side of the ball. I think the average fan would at least be able to look at this and recognize most of the names as players on their team.

--The trio of tight ends are listed in descending order, but I think the understanding is that whoever has the better camp between Nochta and Burns will be the starter.

--Remind me again why we burned Doug Beaumont's redshirt? Apparently another body on kick coverage and one jet sweep in mop up time was reason enough to waste an entire year of eligibility for a blue chip prospect.

--The race for the '09 starting quarterback job has to be considered a dead heat at this point. Every practice from here on out is enormous for both Simms and Wolfe, and for Zack Stoudt if he wants to throw his name into the mix.

--How does Byron hit? Stingily.

--The offensive line appears to be set with the exception of Kuyateh vs. Roche at right guard, which should be a pretty hotly contested battle.

--This is the first year in quite some time where the starting offensive depth chart hasn't featured three receiver positions. If we're going to be effective out of the three and four receiver sets that all of us have become accustomed to, then someone from the group of Vaughn, Chichester, Clark and Pascley is really going to have to step up. Watching the receivers is going to be very interesting this August.