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Friday depth chartin': Defense

Taken from the new football media guide

Defensive End

93 L.D. Scott JR
95 Maurice Mitchell SR

Defensive End

99 Earl Heyman SR
58 Rodney Gnat SO
61 William Savoy FR

Defensive Tackle

94 Adrian Grady SR
56 Tyler Jessen JR

Nose Tackle

91 L.T. Walker JR

Sam Linebacker

38 Jon Dempsey JR
54 James Bryant SR

Middle Linebacker

57 Mozell Axson SR
51 Antwon Canady SO

Will Linebacker

43 Chris Campa JR
5 Brandon Heath SO


19 Johnny Patrick SO
4 Travis Norton SR


9 Woodny Turenne SR
37 Marcus Folmar SR

Strong Safety

34 Bobby Buchanan SR
24 Daniel Covington JR

Free Safety

2 Richard Raglin SR
10 Latarrius Thomas SO
25 C.J. Peake SO


--Good lord we're thin at linebacker. I know this isn't exactly a revelation, but to actually see it on paper really drives the point home. I mean our starting will linebacker is a JuCo transfer who missed all of spring practice because of a torn labrum, and his backup played safety last year.

--Earl Heyman being listed strictly as a defensive end is interesting. He likely would have spent more time at the position a year ago had Adrian Grady not gone down, because he was more effective over the course of a few series than most of our ends were all year. While I'm sure he'll see time at both positions, I think it would bode well for us if he spent significantly more coming off of the edge.

--I'm glad that the staff is high on Tyler Jessen, but to list him as interchangeable with Grady seems a bit preposterous.

--Aundre Henderson's decision to give up football leaves L.T. Walker as the lone nose tackle listed on the depth chart. It's hard to say who his backup is at this point since we only have like four tackles on the roster, but it'll most likely end up being Jessen - holding down a dual backup role - or William Savoy sliding over from end.

--I'm really rooting for Bobby Buchanan, especially since he's reportedly taken on a leadership role this offseason, but if his fourth year is anything like his first three, then I think it will be hard not to bring either Raglin, Peake or Thomas over to help out. All three of those free safeties have the potential to be stellar, and talent needs to be on the field when you're working with a defensive unit as thin as this one.

--Most exciting position battles: Patrick vs. Norton and Mo Mitchell vs. L.D. Scott.

--Interesting to see Jon Dempsey listed ahead of James Bryant and without an "OR" separating them. I think we're all banking pretty hard on Bryant stepping up, and seeing him listed as a backup after being with the program for almost a year isn't exactly encouraging. He did miss time in the spring because of injuries, so there's that to consider as well.

--We need more players.