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Summer leaguing with former Cards

Is there really any other way to summer league?


Padgett finished up his five games in five days stint with the Miami Heat in the Orlando Summer League averaging four points and four rebounds. While he exhibited the same leadership qualities and presence in the paint that Louisville fans have become accustomed to, he also struggled with the faster pace of play and consistently found himself in foul trouble (or would have, if you could foul out in summer league games).

Despite the Heat's relative frailty at the center position, the consensus seems to be that David is a long shot to make the team.

Padgett is very big and can rebound. He can set screens, but his productivity stops there. He has been foul-prone and has not offered much as far as scoring. I know Miami's center depth is only the perimeter-oriented Mark Blount, but I don't anticipate he'll make the squad.

Injuring Michael Beasley probably didn't help his cause.

Go ahead and make bank in Europe before beginning your long and exceedingly successful Louisville coaching career.


Taquan Dean started his summer off on the right foot, knocking down three-of-four shots and scoring eight points in 15 minutes for the Phoenix Suns in their Vegas League opener last night.

Dean, who is sporting the unfamiliar No. 4 for the Suns, was recently profiled by Phoenix blog Bright Side of the Sun.

If anyone deserves to stick somewhere, it's Dean, and you know there's nobody out there working any harder to make it happen than him.

And just because I can...


JDP did not see the floor in Sacramento's summer opener on Saturday, but he'll get another shot when the Kings play Portland tonight at 10.

All games in the Vegas Summer League can be watched online right here.