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Bilas: Taquan Dean 24th best three-point shooter ever

ESPN's Jay Bilas recently revealed his list of the 25 best three-point shooters since the line was introduced in 1986, and our own Taquan Dean makes an appearance at No. 24 (Insider).

24. Taquan Dean, Louisville, 2002-06: 359-896 (.401)

Great shooters are rarely great defenders, but Dean was the exception. If he could have stayed healthy, Dean was top-10 good on this list.

Georgia Tech, and later Orlando Magic, sharpshooter Dennis Scott came in at No. 1.

All this got me to thinking about what a short list of the best three-point shooters in Louisville history would look like. If we're going strictly on pure shooting ability, then I'll say:

1. Dean
2. Brian Kiser
3. DeJuan Wheat
4. Boo Brewer
5. Reece Gaines

Just missed the cut, Tick.