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Report: Billy Packer out at CBS

Ladies and gentlemen, our long national nightmare might be over.

I don't even care that Kellogg is the replacement.

Billy Packer's streak of Final Fours is over after 34 years, The Miami Herald reported Monday.

Packer, a color commentator, will be replaced in CBS' coverage by studio analyst Clark Kellogg, network representative Leslie Anne Wade confirmed to the newspaper. Jim Nantz will continue in his Final Four play-by-play role.

Packer, 68, will leave CBS after 28 years to pursue "other projects in basketball," according to the report. An announcement was expected Monday.

As long as those other projects don't involve making me want to take a sledgehammer to my balls every March, then we're cool.

I'm generally a pretty strong advocate for the prolonging of traditions, especially when it comes to things I love like the NCAA Tournament, but there is absolutely no part of me that doesn't want this to happen.

So in the spirit of Packer making ridiculously obvious remarks about things that have already taken place, I'll leave you with this: Bad hire, CBS.