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What to read while a bad dream completely ruins your day

Ten hours ago a man in a safari hat was throwing giant snakes at me in front of my old elementary school. I have not responded well.

  The city of Louisville is one of two finalists to become the new headquarters of USA Basketball. With Indianapolis, Las Vegas and Colorado Springs out of the picture, the Derby City's final competition for the distinction is Glendale, AZ.

If the opportunity to throw something at Kobe Bryant's temporary place of residence presents itself, I really won't have any other choice but to indulge.

  In case you hadn't seen it, Brian Bennett compiled the full list of Louisville football players who have left the program since the spring of 2007.

Cue the "remembering" music from the Academy Awards.

Michael Adams
, DE: concussions

Anthony Allen, RB: transferred

Lamar Alston, CB: dismissed

Jeremy Baker, OL: transferred

Marcel Benson, OL: heart condition

Rod Council, CB: dismissed

Mike Donoghue, OL: spinal condition

Marcus Gordon, OL: left team

Aundre Henderson, DL: quit team

Jonathan Holston, DE: dismissed

Dale Martin, RB: transferred

James McKinney, DL: academics (transfer, never played)

C.J. Millenbaugh, OL: left team (transfer, never played)

Lamar Myles, LB: left early for NFL

George Stripling, RB: dismissed

Mario Urrutia, WR: left early for NFL

Peanut Whitehead, DE: spinal condition

Willie Williams, LB: dismissed

Tyler Wimsatt, LB: dismissed

Josh Miller, WR: left team

Craig James, CB: left team

I lost count at "Jesus Christ."

The big and completely futile debate now is whose fault all of this is. If you're asking me, I say a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a little bit of very strict rules against marijuana use.

  Jeff Goodman unveils his top 60 NBA Draft prospects for 2009, and has Earl Clark at No. 7, Samardo Samuels at No. 19 and Terrence Williams at No. 42.

So is the Blake Griffin I keep seeing near or at the top of all these mock drafts the same one that played for Oklahoma last year? Thirty points, right. In an NCAA Tournament game, yep. It is the same guy? Wow.

Fine player, but, uh, let's just say I beg to differ with that level of hype.

  Highly talented and sought after former Iowa State forward Wesley Johnson is transferring to Syracuse. Kid could be a star there so long as he realizes that playing zone doesn't afford you the liberty of striking up conversations with courtside spectators.

  UConn forward Stanley Robinson is spending at least one semester at a Birmingham junior college so he can address some academic and personal issues. He says he plans on returning to Storrs and rejoining the basketball team as soon as possible. This undoubtedly means more playing time and ink for incoming freshmen Kemba Walker and Ater Majok.

  Fayette County High School (Ga.) forward Noel Johnson, who ripped up the King of the Bluegrass Tournament last winter, is reportedly planning to visit U of L and USC this fall.

  A hardy summer congratulations to Hunter Cantwell, who has been named to the preseason watch lists for both the Maxwell Award and the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award.

  And finally, your updated preseason media guide for the 2008-2009 basketball season is available, and extensive.