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What to read on the first day of your new Mike and Ike diet

Because I can't do this alone.

  Thursday marked the first day of the 2008 MLB Draft, and two biggest pieces of news as far as we're concerned were that Louisville signee Jake Odorizzi was drafted in the first round (pick 32) by the Milwaukee Brewers, meaning that the days of his name being affiliated with U of L are likely all but over, and that co-Big East Player of the Year Chris Dominguez was selected in the fifth round (pick 167) by the Colorado Rockies, leaving his immediate future very much up in the air.

Cardinal head coach Dan McDonnell said before the draft that Dominguez's decision of whether or not to return to Louisville for his junior season would hinge greatly on the how early he was selected, and the type of situation he would be walking into.

"I think Chris is in a win-win situation," McDonnell said. "If he goes high enough then it's worth passing up two years of eligibility. If he gets in a good situation, he should go. But if he doesn't go where he feels he deserves to go, then he comes back and comes closer to getting his degree. I've tried to keep Chris at ease by telling him he can't go wrong either way."

I have absolutely no way of knowing for sure, but it seems like the odds of Dominguez playing another game in a Cardinal uniform have to be right around 50/50. Actually, I'll go 51/49 in favor of leaving, because the opportunity to hit the ball over mountains has to be pretty appealing.

As for Odorizzi's odds of blossoming under the genius of McDonnell, well...

The Brewers will make a contract offer within a few weeks, then negotiations begin. Most of the signing bonus money is slotted based on where players are picked, meaning Odorizzi is still technically receiving first-round money.

"I know they're anxious to get Jake in a Brewers uniform very, very quick -- and we believe that's probably going to happen," Wood said.

  Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthey held a press conference on Wednesday, and spoke glowingly of a certain all-time Big East passing leader.

(How are Brian Brohm and Matt Flynn doing to this point?)
Progressing. I'll tell you, Brian Brohm is as sharp a young quarterback that I have been around, and that's a big statement because I have been fortunate enough to coach some very bright quarterbacks in their first and second year in the league. I have been very impressed with the way he picks up the scheme and the way he is able to communicate it. Matt is getting much better. They are starting to get a little more comfortable. The last two days were great tests for the quarterback and really for the offense.

  David Padgett has been in Orlando all week, taking part in the NBA's elite pre-draft camp. After an up-and-down camp , Padgett's draft stock appears to be about the same as it was before. Because of his physical imitations, the world's most awesome person has to hope that his reputation as a character and team guy will entice somebody to take him late in the second round.

  Very cool news out of Columbus this week, as U of L golfer Derek Fathauer qualified for the U.S. Open. I'll be firmly entrenched on the Fathauer bandwagon next weekend, especially since he beat out my man Tom Lehman for one of the 23 spots awarded by the sectional qualifier.

In a related story: get your head out of your ass and qualify for an American major, Tom. I really don't want to have to pick a new favorite golfer, but Aaron Baddeley has been calling even more than usual lately.

  And finally, the Syracuse football program was dealt its 1,996th blow in the last three years when stud wide receiver Mike WIlliams was suspended from the school for academic fraud earlier this week. The folk(s) over at Troy Nunes are taking the whole thing in stride .