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Padgett goes undrafted, still really cool

Apparently being the coolest person in the world ever doesn't make you a lock to play in the NBA these days, because if it did David Padgett certainly would have been one of the 60 players who heard his name called during the league's draft last night.

Alas, the consensus first team All-Big East performer was not selected, but he will more than likely hook-up with an NBA team (gross) after the free agency period opens on July 1.

Juan Palacios could also land with a franchise, or he could go ahead and take his game overseas, where he reportedly already has multiple offers. Rest assured , whatever he chooses to do, he'll do it looking awesome.

As for the draft, I'm not going to make fun of Doris Burke's interviewing skills or Mike Taylor's "my last meal was ramen and blow" mug shot, because there are about 10,000 blogs doing the same thing.

I will, however, hit you with an exciting list of the players of interest who were selected last night:

Joe Alexander, West Virginia (Pick 8, Milwaukee)
Roy Hibbert, Georgetown (Pick 17, Toronto)
Courtney Lee, Western Kentucky (Pick 22, Orlando)
Donte Greene, Syracuse (Pick 28, Memphis)
Patrick Ewing, Jr., Georgetown (Pick 43, Sacramento)
Joe Crawford, Kentucky (Pick 58, L.A. Lakers)

And a boring list of players of no interest who were selected last night:

Omer Asik, Turkey (Pick 36, Portland)
Nathan Jaway, Australia (Pick 41, Indiana)
Goran Dragic, Slovenia (Pick 45, San Antonio)
Tadija Dragicevic, Serbia (Pick 53, Utah)

There's always next year, James Catusco.

In spite of this setback, here's hoping David snags his dream and lands in the league some day...and then eventually comes back here to coach.