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Pitino: Caracter to transfer

Per Jeff Goodman of Fox Sports:

When I was looking down the NBA’s official list of who withdrew from the NBA Draft, one out of the 48 names (31 are from U.S. colleges) caught my eye.

Derrick Caracter.

So I called Rick Pitino.

Pitino told me D.C. is transferring. However, he still needs to finish up a few summer school classes so he can leave in academic standing and is able to transfer.

Who in their right mind is going to take a shot at Caracter?

I would have said Bobby Gonzalez at Seton Hall, but Caracter can’t transfer to another Big East school.

Do I really have to say anything? Because I don't want to.

Honestly, I have absolutely no idea how true this is or what it means. At this point Caracter could have signed a secret deal with the Celtics three years ago and show up on the floor tonight, and I wouldn't blink when watching him check in (and I love blinking). My gut tells me that this is the real deal and that DC is going to be putting a serious dent into his already impressive "games spent wearing street clothes" total next season, but I wouldn't bet 35 cents on it.

Also, Derrick could take out five babies with a chainsaw tonight and still be too good for Bobby Gonzalez. OK, two babies and an especially adorable puppy. No babies? OK, two moderately endearing middle-aged dogs, and an unattractive man in his late 20's who was in the process of robbing an elderly woman, but he does it in sort of an over-the-top fashion, like he stops the guy with a punch and could just call the cops and let everything marinate from there, but instead he grabs a nearby object (pipe maybe? although where do you see pipes just lying around?) and just goes crazy; like, it's understandable given the circumstances, but it makes you wonder just how different the beater and the beatee truly are. He could definitely do all that and still be too good for Bobby Gonzalez.

We'll have 7,000 more posts on this story as it develops.