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Rick Pitino checks in with a summer update

The Commonwealth's highest paid blogger is at it again, giving Cardinal fans an update on what the team is up to this summer.

Andre and T-Twill

-        They have been working hard on the west coast. My sympathies go out to big Laker fan Andre when the C’s win the championship this week.

-        T-Will turns 21 on June 28th. Happy Birthday to a special young man.


Edgar Sosa and Earl Clark

 -        Both players have been working out extremely hard. They live in the YUM! Center. I expect a big change in Edgar this year. He is maturing and understanding what team is all about.


Preston Knowles

 -        I am hoping that he does not fall prey to the sophomore jinx that Edgar experienced. Does everything coaches ask during the season. Coaches cannot work with players in the spring and summer months. Self motivation is key for success. I hope he understands how competitive it will be for playing time next year.


Reggie Delk

 -        Very motivated to improve. Terrific athlete who is dedicated to his routine. Also working out diligently.


Will Scott

 -        Visited China to further is interest in the language and culture of that country. Also working out diligently.


Lee Steiden

 -        Working out as a lifeguard at Audubon pool. He is now up to 48 new dates since April.


George Goode

 -        His body is crucial to playing time next year.  The summer has to be a great developing a total makeover.


Samardo Samuels and Terrence Jennings

 -        Will attend summer school in July.

Kyle Kuric

 -        Is in town attending class and working out. He needs to come out of his basketball shell and show more of his skills.


Jerry Smith

 -        Has a summer job in Wisconsin and will come in for second semester.


Jared Swopshire

 -        In Louisville working out. He is hoping to put on twenty pounds of muscle.

Pitino then takes a turn down Personal Avenue (people don't enjoy my company) and hits us with five new things in his life.

  • I will be a grandfather to a baby girl in November. Can’t wait!
  • Pat Forde and I have a book coming out in August. Rebound Rules The Art of Success 2.0
  • Beginning now, cutting out sugar in 98% of my food consumption. Will allow for wine only.
  • Early forecast for two year old horse champion: Cam Gambolati has the early favorite with A.P. Cardinal. My only hope is the horse does not develop Cam’s personality.
  • The only different new aspect, life without Ryan. My fourth son taking off for Georgetown University. Things won’t be the same without m loyal sidekick.

I don't really see how the fourth one is lifestyle change, but I'll let it slide...just this once. Frolic on Home in 2009.

Because my lone career goal is to mimic Rick Pitino's blogging style, I thought now would be a good time to share five new changes in my life:

1. The squirrels in my backyard have become startlingly aggressive. Haven't been outside since early March.

2. Have begun work on the next great American novel: Herman the Magician's South Dakota Adventure.

3. Beginning now, increasing sugar in 98% of my food consumption. Will stop drinking wine only.

4. Have decided to come up with new congratulatory gesture to take world by storm. Will involve nose.

5. Will no longer engage in volatile arguments with small children on a daily basis. Insults directed at their tiny and unfashionable clothing will only be unleashed when called for, or on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

We've both got a lot on our plate right now.