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And then there was Taber

From November of 2007 through March of 2008, I watched more college basketball than a person should over any ten year span. During those five months, there was no player who I was less impressed with than Indiana's Kyle Taber.

Seemingly every time I flipped the television over to an IU game, there was Taber doing something to make me feel like I could play in the Big Ten. Now he did manage to score 28 points in his junior season, which means he wasn't awful every second he was on the floor, but I was never privy to any of his shining moments and thus his name became a running joke at CC Headquarters that only grew as the winter stretched on.



But Kyle Taber's name is relevant for another reason on this day, as he is now the lone returning scholarship player on the Indiana basketball team.

All this was made possible by yesterday's news that guard Jordan Crawford would be transferring, making him the 11th Hoosier to leave the program since IU's first round loss to Arkansas in the NCAA Tournament.

The Crawford family later issued the following statement:

"We are proud that our son Jordan has been a part of the Indiana University basketball program, one with a long and storied tradition of academic and athletic excellence. In Jordan’s short career, he was able to show his desire to emulate these characteristics. However, due to unforeseen circumstances he has chosen to move in a new direction. He and our entire family wish Indiana University continued success."

But we don't think it's happenin' anytime soon, so we're getting the f%&# out of dodge.

Again, Kelvin Sampson: the worst college basketball coaching hire in my lifetime. It's a statement that just keeps shooting up without getting caught.

While I do feel bad for the kids and (some of) the fans of the program, there isn't one iota of my being that won't relish watching Tom Crean postgame press conferences next season. If he hasn't completely overreacted to a harmless question (or look) by late January, then the season should go ahead and be chalked up as a rousing success.

Give 'em hell, Kyle.