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What to read while that '07 Hummer purchase continues to be a mistake

Please, make fun of my Zorb's lack of a DVD player now.

  Louisville golfer Derek Fathauer will tee off in the first round of the U.S. Open at 7:11 (10:11 EST) this morning. Fathauer, one of eight NCAA golfers in the field, will be playing alongside professionals Scott Piercy and Justin Hicks.

The majority of betting sites currently have Fathauer's odds to be the top American finisher outside of Tiger Woods at 500:1. Eat it, Michael Quagliano.

If this guy brings it home, I'm buying a Derek Fathauer golf jersey/polo. That, my friends, is a promise.

If you haven't done so already, do yourself a favor and check out part II of Frank's interview with Louisville sophomore/hero Preston Knowles. Based solely on his picture and name, I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb and say that Lil' Buckets is the coolest dog since Wishbone (a Jack Russell Terrier who can play both Sydney Carton and Charles Darnay from A Tale of Two Cities is always going to be pretty hard to top).

  Louisville, Boston, Detroit, Gainesville, Green Bay and Williamsport have been named the first six finalists in ESPN's lame, but beneficial "Titletown" competition. Fourteen more finalists will be selected from the original 50 nominees before the contest begins at the beginning of July.

In a related story, Lexington has been named a quarterfinalist in CSTV's "Coaches110% Participation Award-Town" competition.

Congratulations to both cities on their respective accomplishments.

  David Padgett has been busier than a one-eyed cat watching eight mouse holes (I use lines 95-year-old bloggers would use) over the last week, working out for the GrizzliesBlazers, and Sonics. He'll be auditioning for the Raptors on Friday. 

  Eric Wood was the lone Cardinal to be named a Big East first teamer by college football guru Phil Steele. Hunter Cantwell, George Bussey, Adrian Grady, Earl Heyman and Woodny Turenne were all named to the conference's second team by Steele.

  Larry Taylor, your official Least Cool Person of 2007-2008, has signed a contract with the Montreal Allouettes of the Canadian Football League. Coincidentally, there is no fair-catching in the CFL. There are, however, franchises named after spreadable cheese.

  ESPN recruiting director Bob Gibbons is out with his new rankings for the class of 2009, and Louisville recruit Kenny Boynton comes in at No. 3.

Bob Gibbons done seen me play my best game out here. Turned in 16 point, 12 assist. Bob Gibbons over there like - "hmm." Yeah, I was smilin' too, Bob.

Hoop Dreams is my third favorite movie of all-time.

  And finally, Cardinal ace Justin Marks is one of 34 players who have been invited to tryout for the 2008 USA Baseball National Team. Twenty-four players will make the squad. You won't be one of them. Unless you're Justin Marks and you're reading this. And even then, it's not a sure thing. But you do have better odds than the rest of us.