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Kuric will sign on Monday

In somewhat surprising news, Evansville Memorial sharpshooter Kyle Kuric announced yesterday that he would sign with Louisville on Monday, and that he will come to the university on a full basketball scholarship.

Throughout a successful senior season, he insisted Louisville was where he wanted to be. Next Monday, he will sign that binding letter of intent to join the Cardinals' basketball program and presumably end any further conspiracy theories.

"It's a full basketball scholarship," Kuric said Thursday night. Memorial had issued a release about the signing earlier in the day.


"It came down to coach (Rick) Pitino," Kuric said of the former Kentucky coach who has led the Cardinals to five NCAA tournament appearances in the past six seasons. "He's a great coach ... who really sets players up for after college."

Following his stint with the Indiana All-Stars, Kuric still plans on enrolling for summer sessions at Louisville to get a head start on his studies and on workouts. He says he has no plans to redshirt at this time.

This latest bit of news means that if both Derrick Caracter and Clarence Holloway return to the team next season, Louisville will have 14 players on scholarship. Since that's against NCAA rules, I think it's safe to say that Rick Pitino isn't planning on coaching Caracter, Holloway, or both ever again.

It should be an interesting month or so.