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Least Cool Person of 2007-2008 quarterfinals: 2) Mitch Barnhart vs. 7) Steve Johnson

We begin day two of quarterfinal action in just about the least cool manner imaginable: talking about a pair of representatives from Lexington University.

Let's get it on (monster truck rally voice, not sweet, smooth, there's nothing wrong with the world Marvin Gaye voice)!

2) MITCH BARNHART - Director of Athletics, Kentucky

Rap Sheet:

--Put spite ahead of the well-being of his own program when he declined ESPN's offer to air the Louisville/Kentucky football game on Labor Day evening, presumably because it was what Tom Jurich wanted.

--When turning down the offer to have his team play in the time slot previously reserved for the Miami/Florida State rivalry, Barnhart used the excuse that playing on Monday would make Kentucky vulnerable for the following Saturday's home game against Norfolk State. Tennessee and UCLA ultimately accepted an offer to play the Labor Day evening game.

--Once again refused to sobbingly beg for forgiveness for his "we will own this state" and "some programs overmarket and underperform" statements.

Redeeming Qualities:

--I thought he handled the multitude of Tubby/Gillispie situations well (the ones that stretched into this academic year).


7) STEVE JOHNSON - Wide Receiver, Kentucky

Rap Sheet:

--Hauled in the game-winning 57-yard touchdown pass with 28 seconds to go in the '07 Battle for the Governor's Cup.

--On Aug. 30, Johnson was arrested and charged with driving without a license, driving with expired tags, driving without insurance, not wearing a seatbelt and resisting arrest after struggling with a police officer who had just informed him that he had a warrant out for failing to appear in court for a previous traffic violation. He was not suspended, and took the field against Louisville three weeks later.

--Appeared to briefly slow down before crossing the goalline against the Cards.

--Sucks at rap. Still does it.

Redeeming Qualities:

--I do think the hair is cool.

--He actually ran a pretty simple go route to get wide open for the winning score against U of L. It isn't his fault that the former Cardinal secondary couldn't cover a boiling pot.

So which blue-clad male was more anti-Fonzie in '07-'08? Cast your vote to help decide.