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Least Cool Person of 2007-2008 quarterfinals: 4) Tyler Hansbrough vs. 5) Jeremy Hazell

All right, the tourney opener was the massacre we all could have predicted it was going to be (Catraiva Givens is just that cool), but now it's time for what I believe should be a highly competitive 4/5 tilt.

4) TYLER HANSBROUGH - Forward, North Carolina

Rap Sheet:

--Scored 28 points including several key outside jumpers late in the game to almost single-handedly guide North Carolina past Louisville in the Elite Eight.

--Unofficially committed 72 fouls that went uncalled.

--His monster follow-up dunk was pretty embarrassing and enormously deflating.

--Annoying North Carolina fans love him.

Redeeming Qualities:

--Only uncool thing he really did was play amazingly well against us in a big game.

--Would likely be considered highly cool if he played for us.

5) JEREMY HAZELL - Guard, Seton Hall

Rap Sheet:

--Hit 8-of-14 three-pointers and scored 29 points in a shocking 92-82 upset loss to the Pirates.

--Averaged just 12.8 ppg and shot 33% from deep for the season.

--Gave Bobby Gonzalez reason to act like a tool.

--Held his right hand up a little too long after several of his second-half treys.

--Was a 22-year-old freshman (kind of uncool).

Redeeming Qualities:

--Plays for non-rival and non-major competitor in the Big East.

--Like Hansbrough, didn't really do anything highly uncool besides have a career night against our favorite team.

So who will move on to face the extremely impressive Larry Taylor in the second round? Your votes will decide.

UPDATE: Your winner by a single vote (121/120)....TYLER HANSBROUGH