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Happy Derby

Oh boy.

For me, it's always been Christmas, the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament and then Derby as far as favorite holiday/time of the year goes, but all three are special for very different reasons.

It's generally considered in poor taste to start drinking at 8:30 on Christmas morning, and you don't ordinarily see outrageous public nudity at B-dubs on the first Thursday afternoon of the big dance. Both fly tomorrow.

I'm rolling to Churchill with a fairly large group of people, and I fully expect to have no idea where any of them are between the hours of 2-5. So if you see a guy walking around in shorts and a shirt, make sure to ask him if he runs a semi-popular Louisville sports blog. If it's me, I'll take out a small loan and buy you half a beer.

  1. Court Vision
  2. Monba
  3. Tale of Ekati
Obama took Colonel John, Hillary took Eight Belles, David Padgett took Court Vision. As if there were ever a doubt who I was voting for.

Enjoy the day, all.