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Kyle Kuric is a Cardinal


He's been one of the most gifted players in the tri-state--an Indiana all star who helped lead Memorial's basketball team to a 21 and 2 record.  Senior Kyle Kuric officially joined one of the elite college programs in the country Monday when he signed an NCAA letter of intent to attend the University of Louisville.

Kuric joins his sister Katie--who's already a goalkeeper for the Louisville women's soccer team.  He said it was hard to turn down an offer to play for one of the greatest coaches in basketball history.

"The biggest factor was just coach Pitino..his ability to develop players and get them prepared for the NBA or just life after basketball," he told Mike Blake.

"Basketball is just one phase of his life," said Memorial coach Rick Wilgus.  "He's a great student and a great role model not just for the other returning players next year and the year after that but also for our student body."

Twenty feet, nine inches young man. Acclimate yourself.

Local news coverage of Kuric's signing can be viewed here.