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What to read while testing the NBA Draft waters

Why the hell not?

Rick Pitino has a post up on his website in which he, among other things, evaluates the '07-'08 performances of his returning players.

Jerry Smith:

Terrific sophomore season.

            Passing:            3+
            Defense:           3+
            Rebounding:      3   down from freshman season
            Shooting:          5-
            Driving:            4
            Ballhandling:     4
            Work Ethic:       4
            Attitude:           4

Jerry was strong from start to finish.  His skills will improve as his work ethic picks up.  Should have an outstanding junior season. Must pick up his hours in the gym.

Edgar Sosa:

Fell prey to sophomore jinx as much as any player I've coached.

            Passing:            3+  not enough assists.  Needs better assist to turnover ratio.
            Defense:           2    must work on consistently keeping his man in front of him.
            Rebounding:     2    
            Shooting:          4
            Driving:            4   must stay away from driving into a crowd.
            Ballhandling:     4
            Work Ethic:      4
            Attitude:           2   this will be his downfall without improvement. With a major adjustment, his junior year could be special.

Desperately needing depth at the linebacker position, Steve Kragthorpe signed signed Antwon Canady yesterday, a junior college transfer from Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. Canady, who led his team in tackles and was an All-Jayhawk Conference performer last year, will be eligible to play this season as a sophomore. He had also been considering Arkansas and Texas Tech. has a draft profile up on Art Carmody in which he reveals that Michael Bolton's "How Can we be Lovers" is on his iPod.

This just in: Michael Bolton is now 85 times cooler than he was yesterday. Coincidentally, this was one of the elite songs featured on my college roommate's classic CD, "Gay Songs That I Really Like, But Am Too Embarrassed To Admit." Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Brian Bennett squashes the mini-rumor that Edgar Sosa will not be a Cardinal next year.

Anyway, I called Edgar's brother, Erick Sosa, tonight to see if I could finally put this rumor to rest. Erick sounded surprised to hear what was being said about his brother.

"Edgar's not going anywhere," Erick said. "That's not true."

I asked him if Edgar was happy at U of L.

"Yeah, he just had a tough year this year," Erick said. "But he's not going to run away from it after a tough year." is keeping tabs on all of the early entries into the 2008 NBA Draft, and has the entire country wondering who the hell Shawn James is.

This guy is going to hear from Todd McShay's email address.

If you've been reading this site, you know I've been wavering between Brian Brohm and a receiver like DeSean Jackson at this pick for a while. Well, Louisville's Pro Day made my decision a bit easier.

Despite anything Todd McShay thinks, Brohm had every scout and general manager salivating during his performance. He threw the ball extremely well and looked very sharp. Oh, and he also ran a 4.6, which should dispel all notion that he's an immobile, Drew Bledsoe-like pocket passer.

I don't see how the Buccaneers pass on Brohm now. He may not even be here; a squad like the Falcons could move up past them, perhaps trading with the Texans, who could be looking at Sam Baker at the beginning of the second round.

And finally, the city of Louisville once again produced the highest ratings and shares for the NCAA tournament, beating out second-place Memphis by a pretty ridiculous margin. This marks the ninth year in a row that Louisville has been the top city for March Madness.