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Your 2008 Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge champion is...

UL is my hot hot sex, who takes it home by an impressive 12 points.

A copy of Please God Let Us Win Baby's soon-to-be bestseller, Beyond the Open Thread: Card Chronicle's Dark Side is in the mail.

Card Chronicle Bracket Challenge Top Ten:

  1. UL is my hot hot sex (157 pts)
  2. Larry O'Bannon (145 pts)
  3. taegu_tim (142 pts)
  4. upsetem (141 pts)
  5. DoctorsofDunk1980 (138 pts)
  6. HowHard3 (138 pts)
  7. The Dawgs (137 pts)
  8. white out (136 pts)
  9. Domine Does It (136 pts)
  10. Herb Sendek (135 pts)