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What to read while remembering how much you hate mowing the lawn

The Commonwealth has been abuzz in recent days about a number of things, most recently the possibility of one Robert Montgomery Knight assuming the throne at Western Kentucky. Not so, say the powers that be in Bowling Green.

After published reports and message board chatter about Bob Knight's candidacy as head basketball coach whipped Western Kentucky University fans into a frenzy, administrators at WKU Wednesday night dismissed any chance of Knight coming to the Hill.

"Absolutely zero whatsoever," WKU president Dr. Gary Ransdell said before meeting with players for the first time since Darrin Horn's departure for the head coaching job at South Carolina.

"I think Bobby Knight said publicly he would be interested in taking another job at a school like Western Kentucky," said WKU director of athletics Dr. Wood Selig. "We've been contacted by someone who has said they could put us in contact with Bobby Knight. That's been the extent of everything.

"We have not pursued anything, Bobby Knight has not pursued this job. That's it. But, it's taken on a life of its own for sure."

The news came after a whirlwind day that had rumors spreading throughout south central Kentucky as to Knight's whereabouts, his method of arrival to the area and his interest in the job.

"There's absolutely nothing to it," said Ransdell. "It's kind of cruel for him, I would think. He gets the Internet; he's not oblivious to rumors like that. He could care less and I suspect he does care less, but somebody's having fun at our expense."


Me hears that assistant Scott Cherry is the man most likely to be named Darrin Horn's successor.  

Things are getting a bit ugly in Milwaukee, where news of how Tom Crean Irsay'd Marquette is spreading faster than a baseball cliché in Bloomington.

Senior-to-be(?) Dominic James, for one, is not taking the perceived betrayal lightly.

But to further muddy the waters about his already clouded future at Marquette, James seemed to signal that reprisal was in the front of his mind.

"It increases goals." James went on, "If someone leaves us, we just want to rub it in."

Kentucky fans showing up on Scotty Hopson's MySpace to heckle the newest Tennessee commitment isn't really all that unexpected. UK's potential starting quarterback showing up on Hopson's MySpace and taking a shot at Big Blue Nation, however, is a different story.

congrats on making it out of hoptown man, just keep up the hard work and you'll make it big one day, dont listen to all of these UK fans on here man, they will turn your back on you faster than anything and they think the world begins and ends with UK basketball, you made the right choice in going to UT. You hold down Hoptown on the court and I'll hold it down on the field. Once again congrats and keep up the good work boi.

See, you can't get this kind of thing in The Washington Post, or even The Aberdeen Times. But I'm a blogger, which means I spend my days getting high in my pajamas, watching Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle at least three times, listening to LCD Soundsystem (or whatever the devil it is you kids listen to these days), and scouring MySpace for anything I might be able to pass off as semi-notable.

(Note: I do not have a MySpace page, nor am I aware if spelling "MySpace" as one word is correct. I was directed to Hopson's page by this message board post, and found it interesting. Also, Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle is actually a pretty funny movie if you go into it with the right mindset.)

I'm still at least ten weeks away from even thinking about dipping my big toe into that massively chilly pool of preseason college football talk, but the folks at CFN are already in and doing underwater handstands. They've spent this week taking a look at all the schedules in the Big East, and believe that Louisville's sets up very well for a solid bounce-back season.

Realistic best case record with this schedule: 11-1
Barring total disaster worst case record: 6-6
Realistic record: 9-3

You want a bounce-back season Cardinal fans? You have the schedule to do it. There are only four road games and two are against Memphis and Syracuse. The other two will be tough, but playing at Pitt and Rutgers isn't like going to West Virginia or South Florida. Non-conference games against Kentucky and Kansas State might be tough, but those both come at home. If things weren't easy enough, there's a week off at the end of November before facing the Scarlet Knights. It would've been nice to get the break before facing West Virginia, but there's an extra day off before facing the Mountaineers.

And finally, here's a nice tribute to the late Marvin Stone, courtesy of the folks at Cardinal Paradise.