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Draft contest results

It took extra innings, but by virtue of his Brian Brohm prediction being the closest, Big East Champs is your 2008 Card Chronicle NFL Draft Contest champion.

Both BEC and CardsFan922 nailed Mario Urrutia going to the Bengals in the 7th round and finished the contest with nine points, but the former's prediction of Brohm going to the Vikings in the second round was closer than the latter's pick of BB going to the Chiefs in the second. 83fan was the only player to correctly peg Brohm's selection, but his risky prediction of Malik Jackson getting drafted ultimately cost him the game.

The Art Carmody bonus not coming into play really hurt scores, but sadly, everyone finished with at least two points. No public humiliation for anyone today.

Thanks to all who participated, and congratulations to Big East Champs. Your prize, complete with inspirational quote (will it be a Chingy lyric? open the cover to find out), will be in the mail shortly.

Final contest results:

Big East Champs - 9
CardsFan922 - 9
83fan - 8
quiet cardinal - 8
rschulz - 7
Mike - 6
GoCards5 - 6
Blocky - 5
UL is my hot hot sex - 4
Stark680 - 4
Gavin729 - 4
checkplease - 4
orlandocard - 4
aeknab01 - 4
Cary - 4
Quinn1979 - 3
JustCards - 3
mapaul04 - 2
ArtCarmody09 - 2
Noonway - 2
JMC - 2
Final4Galore - 2