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2008 Card Chronicle NFL Draft Contest

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The NFL Draft is always an event that I find myself eagerly anticipating throughout the preceding work week, but already tired of about 45 minutes in. So to ensure a little extra bit of entertainment this weekend, I thought we'd spruce things up by having a draft-related contest here.

The winner of this contest will receive a used copy of Johnny U: The Life & Times of Johnny Unitas by Tom Callahan. The book comes complete with my fingerprints, a couple of words underlined in pencil, and a personalized inspirational message from me on the inside cover.

                          Yah-huh books are cool

Now let's get to the rules.

Based on a a couple of quick Google news searches and a few mock drafts, it would appear that nine former Cardinals have a legitimate shot at hearing their name called at some point this weekend. Those nine are:

Brian Brohm
Harry Douglas
Breno Giacomini
Mario Urrutia
Lamar Myles
Art Carmody
Gary Barnidge
Malik Jackson
Patrick Carter

Now what I want you to do for each player is to try and correctly pick both the round he will be drafted in, and the team that will select him.

The point system is as follows:

1 point for correctly picking the round a player is selected
3 points for correctly picking the team that selects a player
5 points for correctly picking both the team and the round for a player
2 points for correctly picking the round Art Carmody is selected
4 points for correctly picking the team that selects Art Carmody
7 points for correctly picking both the team and the round for Art Carmody
1 point for correctly picking that a player will go undrafted
Zero points for correctly picking that Art Carmody will go undrafted
Tiebreaker: Whoever came the closest on their Brian Brohm pick

My game. My rules. If you wanna tell me that my insane Art Carmody draft party for one is going to be all for naught, then you can just giiit out. Plus, this eliminates the peeing your pants in first grade-esque potential humiliation of picking Art to go undrafted, and then watching in horror as he goes to the Lions at No. 15. You'd never be able to show your handle in these parts again.

I think it makes it more fun to put an extremely low level of effort into your picks, and with that said, here's what I'm goin' with:

Brian Brohm: First Round, Tampa Bay
Harry Douglas: Fourth Round, New England
Mario Urrutia: Sixth Round, Cincinnati
Breno Giacomini: Sixth Round, Cleveland
Gary Barnidge: Seventh Round, Baltimore
Art Carmody: Seventh Round, Seattle
Lamar Myles: Undrafted
Malik Jackson: Undrafted
Patrick Carter: Undrafted

Have at it in the comments section.